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Welcome to our treehouse and our little piece of paradise!

Our area contains several counties and can be confusing. Basically, our immediate area encompasses Richmond, Peacedale, Hope Valley, Wyoming and West Kingston. The next most nearby towns are Exeter, Coventry and West Greenwich. Then our wider area (2030 min) incorporates all the Southern beach towns, from Wickford/North Kingstown to Westerly and many in between.

Treehouse rules:

  • Please be sure to leave treehouse door closed at all times to avoid furry visitors!
  • There is ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING in and around treehouse. You may smoke at the bar in the pool area or at the fire pit.
  • If you use the heat at night, please be sure to turn it off as soon as you awake!
  • If you leave food in any area please KNOT the bag at night. We will replace the next dayjust text us that you need it.
  • We recommend you NOT leave open food in the treehouse while you are not there or at night.
  • Please DO NOT burn candles in the treehouse!


  • The treehouse will sway a bit in heavy winds. It’s all part of the treehouse experience. It’s completely safe, with redundant supports!
  • In the case of severe weather, we can put you up inside the main house.
  • You’ll find fresh sheets and blankets in the blue/grey chest.

There is a vacuum under the futon and cleaning supplies in coffee table chest. Also in that chest are flashlights and umbrellas.


Use imajmesh.


Enjoy the back deck!

You can often see wildlife and many birds.

You can walk through the woods in the back. Best to go straight outback and a bit to the right to get through the wetlands and then bear left as you approach the stone wall.

If you see a house, please do not approach it. 

Pool area/bathroom/kitchen:

  • The pool area is a shared area.
  • You are welcome to use the pool alone or join whoever is at the pool area!
  • We provide one pool towel per person for the length of your stay. Please hang them to dry when done. If you need another, please ask and we will provide.


  • The refrigerator on the left side in the kitchen is yours.
  • Feel free to use the grille

TV and sitting area:

  • TheTV is in theoutdoor kitchen. There is a remote behind the bar.As treehouse guests, you have control of the TV over others.
  • Enjoy the area with couch and chairs to relax or watch TV anytime.


  • The shower takes about 5 minutes to heat up.
  • Your shower towels are in the bathroom. Please hang them to dry either in the bathroom or on your deckIf you need more towels, please ask and we will provide.
  • Please lock the door when in use  
  • There is a hairdryer in the basket below the bench.

Firepits and Chiminea:

  • You are welcome to enjoy a fire at the large pit or the cowboy grille. Please use watering cans near pool to put out if the pit is still very hot when you go to bed.
  • If you would like to usethe chiminea, please ask us for help and we are happy to assistIt does tend to throw sparks, so we ask you to use with caution.
  • We ask that you be quiet after 10 pm.unless you are joining us for a gathering or if arrangements are made in advance.


Feel free to use Alexa for music.

At night, be sure pool gates and bathroom door are closed, TV and radio are off, and all candles out.

Local markets and package store

  • Richmond Fresh Market – 5 Kingstown Road, Richmond (There is a Stop and Shop across the street but this is locally owned, fresh food and great service!)
  • Richmond Wine and Liquor (on the way to the markets) 5 Stilson Rd (401) 2488717

Checkout time: noon

  • You are welcome to enjoy the pool until 3 pm. 
  • Please be sure heat is off.
  • Please leave linens on the futon for washing.
  • Tie garbage bag.
  • Leave key in door and door closed at checkout.

In case of urgent needs, please come to the front of the house and ring the bell.