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Rhode Island is full of great places to kayak on fresh water ponds and rivers, as well as salt ponds. And one of the best ways to experience the Ocean State is by water.  

  • Very close: Wood River/Wyoming Pond: Rent canoes: Hope Valley Bait and Tackle/ 5 minutes
  • Fisherville Brooks Wildlife Refuge: Beautiful refuge with two loop paths – one that’s about a mile and a half and the other that’s about 3 miles or so. It’s on over 1,000 acres of land that includes ponds and brooks, nice well-maintained paths, and a historical cemetery.
  • The Crawley Preserve – Very close to Kenyon’s Grist Mill and Queens River Kayaks, and only about ten minutes from the treehouse.
  • Queen’s River Preserve – Just a 5-10 minute ride from the treehouse Queen’s River Kayaks
  • Narrow River Kayaks/ 20 minutes
  • Charlestown Breachway and Salt Ponds/ 20 minutes – check if bay is open for quahogging and stop at sand bars and dig in!
  • Upper Wood River / 10 min- With more than fifteen miles of winding waterways, the Wood River threads through some of the most biologically diverse landscape in the state. Besides the flora and fauna, paddlers can admire the ruins of two mills along the lower section of the river. This trip isn’t for novices. Departure:Arcadia Management Area (half trip) or Barberville Dam (full trip). Rental: Queens River Kayaks, 21 Glen Rock Rd., West Kingston, 284-3945, com.
  • Napatree Point/ 30 min- Not far from Watch Hill (great shopping and beautiful beach!), this sandy spit of land is the southernmost point of mainland Rhode Island. Kayak along the shore of Napatree and enjoy views of one of the state’s most unspoiled beaches. If you go ashore, investigate the abandoned fort that sits at its tip, which was built more than a hundred years ago. Sea kayaking is not for everyone, but the semi-protected waters off of Napatree are perfect for paddlers trying to get a taste of the open Atlantic. Departure:Right behind the shop.  Rental: Watch Hill Outfitters, 157 Main St., Westerly, 596-7217, com.
  • Ninigret Pond / 30 min- a large coastal lagoon, relatively calm, lets you explore a coastal environment while still staying safe. Foodies will appreciate the thriving oyster and quahog population, and enterprising fishermen are free to ply the waters for everything from striped bass to flounder. Departure: Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge, Charlestown. Rental: The Kayak Centre, 562 Charlestown Beach Rd., Charlestown, 364-8000,

Plenty of fishing through the state! Need a license.